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Value Your Cart


Want to know the value of your Cart?

At CART MART we are happy to provide you with an assessment of your cart, and from time to time we may be interested in your cart for parts. What may be useless or trash to one person, is valuable to another.

We believe strongly in doing our bit for the environment by reusing parts and accessories and not sending them all to landfill where possible. We see this as part of our social responsibility as a business.

We are also happy to consider the purchase of your cart or placing it on consignment with us for sale.

It is not always easy to find the right information when it comes to carts and parts. Communication and the right information is very important in helping YOU to make an informed decision that is right for YOU! We are here to help!

Please send us the details of your cart(s) and we will get back in touch with you to discuss your options and provide you with a valuation.


Cart Valuation Request

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